Allianz offers best quality Earthing Transformers designed by a team of experienced engineers. Allianz Earthing Transformers has been recognised both in domestic and international market. Earthing transformers has zig-zag winding configuration. Earthing transformers are designed to protect a system against phase-earth fault currents for a given fault time duration. These transformers are used to get a neutral point and provide earthing for non-grounding systems.

Manufacturing range : 100kVA to 1250kVA

Primary voltage : Upto 33kV

Connection : Zn, Znyn

Reference standard : IEC 60076/IS 2026


  • Short-time or continuous duty types.
  • Hermetic or Conservator type construction.
  • With or without auxiliary secondary winding.
  • Building size is defined by earth current and duration