Allianz Solar Transformers are designed to match different configurations of Solar Inverters, with utmost reliability and efficiency. Considering the long life of Solar Power Plants, our Transformers are designed for low loss, high vitality and economic benefit. The Primary voltages for these transformers range from 300V to 800V and Secondary Voltage varies from 6.9,11,33kV. Solar IDTs can be multiple winding transformers to connect multiple Solar Inverters to Grid. With both steel and renewable industry requiring multiple winding transformers, Allianz has gained tremendous expertise.

Salient features of Allianz Solar IDT :

  • Energy efficient transformers with low losses
  • Low operational cost
  • Compact in Size & Sturdy Construction
  • The windings are indigenously designed considering the Solar Inverter Configuration of Customers
  • Earthing shield is provided between HV & LV Windings to reduce harmonics and residual resonance
  • In order to combat voltage fluctuations on input of the transformers, we offer tappings as per IS 2026 & IEC 60076. These tappings are designed to maintain accuracy in Voltage at the Secondary of the Transformer ensuring stable voltage to the Grid

Using only high grade materials, combined with Allianz Transformers superior engineering and vast experience in the transformer Industry, our Solar Transformers has delivered years and years of reliable service to Solar Power Plants.

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