Allianz Furnace transformers are designed to meet the stringent requirements of various Furnaces in terms of Varied Output voltages, various Phases like 3 Phase, 6 Phase and 12 Phase and stringent no load and full load losses. The winding design and placement helps in delivering the desired output voltage with tolerances. Furnace transformers are designed as per specific customer needs to perform hand in hand with the type of furnace, be it an Induction Furnace or an Arc Furnace.

Salient features of Allianz Furnace Transformers :

Zero failure record with "Fit & Forget" achievement.

  • Energy efficient transformers with huge saving in monthly electricity charges
  • Excellent performance in adverse climatic conditions, high temperature and humidity levels and capacity to withstand short circuits.
  • Earthing shield is provided between HV & LV Windings to reduce harmonics and residual resonance
  • A relatively shorter payback period.
  • Equipped with special cooling devices such as Heat Exchangers, Forced Air natural Cooling arrangement as per customer requirement to enhance the efficiency and optimum utility levels at unbelievable low power losses
  • Compact in Size in its class, occupying a less floor area
  • Sturdy construction & painted to resist any climate anywhere around the Globe.
  • User friendly equipment with optional Annual maintenance Contract Schemes.

Dual output Furnace cum Auxiliary transformers suitable for Furnace Duty as well as other auxiliary loads of the factory installations. This configuration reduces capital investments avoiding multiple transformers with extra insulators, GODs, DO Fuses, Poles and other OHE items

Product Range:

Range: 100 kVA to 20MVA upto 33kV class